By Ron Leeper on The Capital

For people who are new to crypto-trading, there is a question I first heard asked by Mark Douglas, the author of several classic books on trading psychology that is well worth considering:

“How much skill does it take to find yourself in a winning trade?”

Douglas answers that putting on a winning trade requires no more skill than is needed to operate a keyboard and mouse successfully. I know this to be true because, as a greenhorn, the first altcoin position I ever opened turned a nice profit in a matter of days. To say that I had little idea…

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

A critical factor in successful trading is preparing with a higher intensity level than the next guy. Often, that amount of preparation can be fundamental while still having a distinct impact on your bottom line.

Many people new to crypto-trading have little or no experience trading assets at all, that was me when I started in 2017. I quickly discovered that one of the best things I can do to help give myself an edge is to create a written trading plan every time I consider a trade.

There are several benefits to creating a written plan.

First, by taking…

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

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When people are new to crypto trading, the idea of studying risk management may strike them as an odd subject to discuss. After all, without some risk, how can one expect any gain? Cryptocurrency trading is by its nature, a risky business with people opening positions in what are mostly software projects with little or no oversight regarding their financials as one would find in the equities markets. With scams and various forms of market manipulation commonplace, it isn’t hyperbole when people refer to crypto trading as The Wild West. …

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

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For many people new to trading, a key ingredient in finding consistent success that may be easy to overlook is trading psychology. Along with technical analysis and risk management, trading psychology comprises the three legs upon which one builds a successful trading business, and each one is equally important to that process.

Especially for people new to trading, it’s not easy to decide what you need to learn, the amount of information vying for your attention is considerable to overwhelming, and something that sounds as unsexy as “trading psychology” could quickly end up on the back burner. …

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

Like a lot of people, you heard about the fantastic returns that some people are making by investing in cryptocurrencies, and you wanted a slice of that pie. You listened to some friends and bought some Bitcoin and few altcoins, and everything was rosy. Since then, though, your dreams of racing Italian sportscars across the lunar surface have lost their glow. The market took a bearish turn, the value of your portfolio has shrunk down to an alarming level, and now you’re concerned about where to go from here.

You’re not ready to give up, so you make the usual…

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

With an uptick in searches on Google for Bitcoin recently, that increase in interest reflects in the number of new people coming into the cryptocurrency space.

Each has their level of skill in trading and knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets. Often they arrive with dreams of racing sports cars on the moon dancing through their heads but lack a good idea of how to get there.

Those types of returns are possible in crypto. However, for those who lack adequate trading skills and knowledge, the odds are so slim regarding achieving that level of success, their dreams may as well…

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

Once upon a time, there were a pair of young traders who worked at the same brokerage firm. Fast friends, they were both bright, on the make & looking to improve their financial status in life. Shortly after they started at the firm, they were getting attention from the other traders for their impressive skills and earned the nickname The Hot Shots.

There was another trader; an older man employed there for years who’s reputation was that he was best on the street. …

Silk Road Operative Pleads To One Federal Charge

Federal authorities in New York have announced that Roger Thomas Clark has pled guilty to one charge of conspiracy to distribute massive quantities of narcotics. The accusation is related to his activities as an adviser to the owner and operator of the infamous Silk Road darknet market.

During Silk Roads’ years of operation from 2011 until 2013, the website was used by thousands of buyers to purchase illegal drugs and other illicit goods and services such as stolen credit cards.

Hundreds of millions of dollars derived from those unlawful transactions were laundered…

By Ron Leeper on The Capital

A significant increase in the amount of darknet market sales using cryptocurrency last year has law enforcement contemplating their next move as they attempt to close down online vendors of illegal goods and services while new ones spring up to fill the void.

According to a recent report from the blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, total darknet market sales grew 70% in 2019 to exceed $790 million worth of cryptocurrency, making it the first time sales have surpassed $600 million.

The report also reveals that for the first time since 2015, darknet markets doubled their share of overall incoming cryptocurrency transactions…

Ron Leeper

I have worked as a broadcast journalist for over a decade & have a deep interest in researching & writing about cryptocurrency, trading & finance.

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