Steller? Who’s Steller?!

Steller is a unique mobile story-telling application available on the App Store.

Create and share your stories using photographs, videos and text to entice your audience into your world. You should Explore some of the stories on Steller here…

Below are my Steller stories for you to look at:

Front cover

A great front cover is something to aspire to. This is what will entice your reader/viewers. With all of the different templates available it’s impossible not to have a beautiful design.

Number of pages

A story can be 8–20 pages. The Barcelona Steller story was longer at 14 pages, this gained more engagement. However the Coppafeel Steller story was shorter at 8 pages and gained less engagement.

Engaging in the community

I got 7 likes for the Bournemouth University Boob Team Story and 16 likes for the Barcelona travel Stellar story.

With Stellar stories based on travel, I believe imagery is more important. More people engaged with the Barcelona story in spite of it having less text. This may be because the images are more compelling, and the quality of the images were higher.

The Coppafeel Bournemouth University Team story may have gotten less engagement as the imagery wasn’t as strong. I attempted to use the text to tell the story more effectively however maybe this wasn’t as effective.

Therefore I think that due to Steller being recognised more for it’s visual value, the stronger the imagery the more effective the story.

Best time to post

I posted my two stories consecutively at around 2pm. However it is recommended to post in the morning between 9am–11am and in the evening between 5pm — 6pm since people will be about to begin their day or end it. I recognise that 2pm wasn’t the best time however in the future I can plan when to publish content to gain more engagement.

How often should you post

I posted my Steller stories one after the other. It would be more effective to to post once a week. Although people engaged with my posts, it may be more effective to post once a week.


The best stories demonstrate a variety of media…


Video is a great tool especially in Travel Stories such as the one I created about Barcelona. Video can give the audience a sense of the surroundings with sound, movement and colour.

I wasn’t able to use video within my story however I understand that this would have added to the experience of the story. However in the future when I am able to plan the stories I will be able to plan what type of content to obtain.


More text could have been used especially in the Barcelona travel Steller story. Upon reflection I could have explained why I went, what I love about Barcelona with text.

Share, share, share…

It was effective to link my Steller stories with my social networks help to drive traffic. I shared my Stellar stories on Facebook and Twitter. In hindsight I could have used more hashtags to gain more engagement with my posts. In the future for personal projects it would be effective to share my stories on other social networks in addition to these two like Instagram.

So the Verdict?

Steller is a gorgeous story-telling platform that is incredibly versatile. It is beautiful. It has so many uses, from family holidays and scrapbooks to more professional purposes. I can visualize presenting on this platform in the future within in the work place when I am expected to deliver information in a more informal way. Upon reflection, I could have looked at more tips to make the most out of telling stories.

Ultimately Steller is like any other tool it’s all about timing, hashtags, sharing, and linking to gain the best visibility.