Start a story with Steller

The beautiful storytelling app.

If you’re anything like me and any other 23 year old, I love Instagram. I do not go a day, that’s generous, a couple of hours without checking my Instagram feed. I just can’t get enough of it and by the sounds of it nor can anyone else with a reported 400 million people using the app in the month of September 2015 — unbelievable!

If anything, I should be looking to cut down my time on the app. The average person is said to spend 21 minutes per day on Instagram. I am adamant I probably spend more time than this, just aimlessly scrolling through hundreds of photos debating as to whether they are worthy of a like…

So why not invest my time in to a new app and why not Steller?

Steller is beautiful.

I doubt you have heard of Steller, because I hadn’t either! However, I urge you to take a look! If you have the love for photo app Instagram that I do, Steller takes this to new levels and can add depth to your images and storytelling.

You can locate this gem of an app within the app store and what’s more, it’s free! Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to appreciate the elegant and polished layout which Steller boasts.

I was instantly enticed to create a story of my own, so I quickly got to work. The app was immensely easy to navigate and use. I loved trying different layouts to personalise my storybook and combining different media in to my stories.

Take a look at the video below which illustrates how the app works…

I created two story books and I am really pleased with the outcome! I chose to focus on my recent trips to Skiathos and Amsterdam and found this method of storytelling an amazing way to showcase my photos. It really proved that using a combination of photos, videos and text can bring your story to life and help you re-live treasured memories.

Take a look at my stories below…

Skiathos Williamson Wedding Steller Story
This was a beautiful way to commemorate my best friend’s wedding. I love how you can create a narrative within these storybooks and I could share the special day from start to finish.

Amsterdam New Year Trip Steller Story 
This was a great way to share a snapshot of my city break to Amsterdam. It captures all my favourite aspects of the trip through both photos and videos.

Not only did I love creating my own Steller stories, but I also thoroughly enjoyed browsing through other users’ storybooks. I love the food focused storybooks, these are a great way to follow recipes in a new way. I also really enjoyed browsing the travel focused storybooks, some of the photos used are fantastic — there really are some talented and creative users on this app!

Similarly to Instagram, there is an interactive element to the app with the use of mentions, likes and comments, which creates a nice community feel. My storybooks have received likes and I’ve also bagged myself some followers, so I must be doing something right! If I could give one piece of advice with this app, I would say be super selective with your media choices. This app is all about compelling imagery, so pick your best and most aesthetically pleasing images and videos to engage other Steller users.

All in all, this app is immensely simple and creative, with an emphasis on design, and I love that! I am usually very hesitant to try new apps and wary of the limited storage space of my iPhone. However, Steller is here to stay and I cannot wait to experiment further with this stunning app! I just hope it gains popularity…

As mentioned, I think Steller is a wonderful app for anyone to enjoy, especially if you love being creative and telling stories. This lead me to think, what a brilliant storytelling app for journalists!

This app would be a great way to create short feature style storybooks. I feel this would be an immersive, innovative and refreshing way to share multimedia stories with readers and audiences. You can share them to your Twitter and Facebook accounts when publishing in Steller too.

International news cameraman Wojciech Treszczynski created a 39 page Steller storybook ‘MH17 4 Days in Donetsk’, after reporting from the scene of the Malaysia Airlines crash site in Ukraine. Take a look, it’s very insightful…

This highlights how this platform can be used for a whole range of stories. I would love to see more news stories communicated in this format as it is engaging and, sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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