i95Dev’s EGE — Omni-Channel E-commerce Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

E-commerce Growth Engine (EGE) is a is a powerful, multi-channel and feature rich integrated e-commerce solution, powered by Magento, designed for businesses hungry for growth. The solution helps Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors grow their online sales; paying not only for itself but also for their Dynamics GP ERP system in less than a year.

There is a lot of advantages that can be derived from an integrated e-commerce system for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) systems — while the orders are accepted in the e-commerce system and the actual fulfilment happens in the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system. The Dynamics GP ERP system also has to take care of shipping, invoice and payments (accounts receivable, etc.), and inventory (for inventory replenishments and management).

With an integrated solution, you no longer have to worry about syncing this information in multiple systems. This integrated solution also sets the base for a unified commerce experience.

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