Three software ideas to turn GoPro into a full-blown media company
Jamie Yan

GoPro branding is strong, they weren't the first nor are they the only compact action camera. Yet when anyone thinks of a compact action camera, “GoPro”. You could be onto something with software / services. Initial investment for cloud services would be a monster investment though. As for streaming, that would be another monster.

Perhaps creating premium software to make it easier to use other cloud services, easier to get videos up to YouTube, easier to stream to Twitch and premium firmware even.

I have a GoPro Hero 2 myself that I picked up at a pawnshop and it has suited me well for what I use it for. I haven't found any reason to upgrade nor have I been able to get anyone else to convince me to upgrade. I've literally walked up to sales reps at BestBuy, Cabela's, Walmart and other stores and asked them to convince me to upgrade. “I have a Hero 2, what's the big deal with the 4, sell it to me, why should I upgrade?” I like having new gadgets and yes I know they have been upgraded. Seems to me it would be cheaper to hunt down and buy the backpacks for mine to add those features. Perhaps that is part of the problem.

The GoPro following isn't quite the Apple following lining up to purchase the next version. We buy them, beat them up, put tape on the casing, make our own mounts if we can't find one that works for what we want fast enough and take pride in our DIY cheap guy engineering.

What I think would be cool is premium firmware that would process and compress my video on the ride home, ready to upload that quick clip. Optional on the fly post processing filters? Then again, GoPro is meant to be what it is. Non gimmicky, capture the action and just get it done.

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