Hey, Don’t Judge Me!

What’s with this guy? First “Medium” post and he posts a photo of his cat. He can’t be serious, can he?

Yes, I’m serious!

Okay, maybe not so serious…

After being sent down the rabbit hole after clicking a link from a friend, here I am. I created a Medium account.

I’m not so serious!

Not on the outside at least. A question was posted by a marketer I follow on FB recently, something along the lines of
“what will you be using to plan and stay organized in 2016?”

So of course I posted an image of a Care Bears coloring book with some markers. I’m not a troll, not in the sense of truly being an Ass Hat. After spending some years in a profession that required me to be serious, 27 months of that time literally being life or death situations I’ve developed my method of coping. Being cynical. I’ve taken this skill set and carried it over to the rest of my life. I’ll admit I’m a hard person to read most of the time.

“Is this guy serious?”

I’m sure that thought often pops into people’s head when dealing with me.

Don’t take it personal and don’t let it be the end all judgment of my character, I’m just deflecting expectations.