The Asian American Man Study-2015 Results
Jason Shen

I found this really interesting. Mostly because my father is 1/2 Asian 1/2 White.

He was born in Korea in 1957 (pretty sure that’s correct), of course you likely gathered from the era and his mix that my grandfather was an American soldier. My grandfather, “Papa”, couldn’t bring him or my grandmother ,”Ma”, back to the states until after several requested tours back to Korea. My father was around 9 by then and my aunt was around 2.

My aunt being as young as she was coming to the states was much more easily influenced by US culture and from what I can tell she doesn’t really carry any Korean culture with her anymore. Aside from the love of the food. I can take in about 5 pounds of rice, kimchie and bulgogi in one sitting. I can smell it right now.

My father on the other hand kept intertwined into the local Korean communities. Korean culture and communities run pretty thick still around Fort Hood, TX. Most of which product of the Korean conflict and American soldiers bringing kids and wives back after their tours just like my grandfather did.

He, my father, has told me stories of the ridicule he got both in Korea before coming to the states and here state side growing up. Beaten by the other Korean kids in Korean because he was mixed. I recall my grandfather telling me the kids had a slang term for the Korean / American soldier mixed kids of that time but I don’t remember what it was. He didn’t get much acceptance here in the states so he clung to the very small Korean circles of that time. Korean conflict passed, Vietnam began and the hippy culture was born. I chuckle when he tells me short stories of his hippy days. Those were the times when acceptance was wider spread.

I visit him often and we have a great relationship. I’ve a lot of respect for him making it through the torment of a culture that didn’t at first accept him.

Sorry, just a bit off topic, thought you would enjoy me sharing though.

Any questions you might like to ask my father to compare your experiences with?