Our competitors are looking

and we love it!

Anyone can take a look at our Sports Event Accreditation and Credentialing software. You just sign up at iAccredit.me and set up a test event.

We enjoy people looking even when they don’t have an immediate need. Occasionally one of our longstanding clients has a suggested tweak. We also enjoy that people with other systems look at ours.

Of course they do. We have looked at theirs too. We have also asked scores of people involved in Accreditation and Credentialing at Sports Events of all sizes what they think about systems they have used and are using. Many want to switch to iAccredit.me and some are in the process of doing so.

The lucky ones are the new events who just get going from scratch and don’t have to transfer from their old fashioned systems to the new world of Accreditation. Those that make the switch however are freeing up hours a day from laborious report generation and system glitches.

We know that not only are we on the right track but the simplicity of use of our system, it’s availability on any device, immediate startup and flexible and transparent pricing is proving extremely attractive.

As far as we know iAccredit.me is the only system that can be configured for any sports event quickly and simply at any time of day or night and start accepting applications in minutes through a unique generated link that can be posted to an event website.

Customers are surprised by the power and flexibility of iAccredit.me features. People who regularly apply for event accreditation such as the media are delighted to enter their details once and store their profile for future applications.

That’s the power of knowing how Accreditation is for the applicants — not just the event. In the future as the number of events using the system grows that pain for applicants will be relieved. The boring process of entering your standard details and uploading a picture into systems time and time again will go away.

We are working hard behind the scenes to transform the Accreditation experience for Good. So yes, we welcome other systems people looking at what we have achieved — it’s the result of twenty five years experience and some truly innovative thinking by a team committed to disrupting the Sports Event Accreditation and Credentialing market — for good.

That may be uncomfortable for the old clunky systems out there with their server based systems and downloads of software and complex and expensive set ups. But in this day and age we just expect things to work intuitively, right now and at a fair and transparent price. Just what you get at iAccredit.me.

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