Hold your horses!

more haste less speed

Maxie, resident at the Wiltshire farm office

Back in March, we posted a blog about the many benefits of iAccredit and how quick and easy it is to register, set up your event and start adding applicants. This online and streamlined process is incredibly valuable in the events industry where people are scattered and time crunches are real!

However, sometimes in our haste, we can overlook some key aspects of event set-up and planning and so here is a friendly reminder to take a few minutes to consider all the information you might wish to gather from your applicants before you start.

The flexibility of iAccredit lets you ask your applicants for custom information specific to your event with the use of the free fields. Do you need ID document numbers? Passport numbers? If so, specify this request in the ‘Further Information’ section under ‘Set Up Accreditation’.

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