“I write for the sake of writing. Although, under specific circumstances, I write for the sake of not starving to death. That doesn’t mean I’m open to exploitation.”

I don’t know. It could be that, in an attempt to lower the odds of me being exploited, I settled for a personal blog rather than ass-kiss editors of literary magazines and newspapers to have my pieces ‘sanitized’ and then commodified before being put out their for consumption (Yes, consumption. Weird, but it accurately captures the state of things).

Or, it could be that think pieces about capital and the state — unless carefully edited, their radical elements hollowed out, and then presented as the revolution (obviously cheap knock offs) — don’t promise wide readership. And, to a for-profit literary magazine, anything short of wide readership is bad news.

In a capitalist system, value is largely, maybe only, expressed in monetary terms. This piece, if submitted to a literary blog/magazine, would have to be reduced to just numbers and how much money we (“they” seems more appropriate) can make of it. It would have to be assigned some abstract value.

As such, I’ve always avoided situations where someone, upon submitting your work to them, decides that, after considerations, they “can’t publish your article because, given its implicit political persuasions, it would bring down the numbers.”

Well, fuck stats.

I want to author pieces that, at the very least, upset the status quo. I want to discuss politics that transcend identity, and, perhaps more importantly, incorporate class struggle as an essential feature. I want to remind you that, as millennials, we’re the first generation to be far worse off than our parents.

And things won’t get any better, especially to the young people who are weighed down by students’ debt. In other words, I want to fucking write whatever the fuck I want to.

Source: Gods & Radicals

Oh wait, I want to write because this article gave me quite a few reasons to.

Acknowledging that there’s diversity in value will keep the fire burning. I need the chumz, yes. But I’m not going to “name my price”. I don’t copyright my writings. Put simply, I’m just going to write, and then write some more.

I write for the sake of writing. Although, under specific circumstances, I write for the sake of not starving to death. That doesn’t mean I’m open to exploitation.

Given this is a personal blog, most of the time I’ll just be seeking relevance in 19th century articulation, critiquing centrist views, throwing around feminist think pieces (like this one, and this one), annoying city-based, “woke” kids(as someone I regularly read actively does), asking you to strangle your bosses to death, among other things. Also, I will likely piss on your love for identity politics — I’ll write essays without beginning with the usual caveat of the I-am-a-straight-cis-gendered-male variant.

I actively criticize capital and the state. In fact, they are my biggest enemies. I try to the best of my skills to hasten the fall of oppressive power structures, and further the realization of the utopian ideal of equality. I try to make you see the other person as a fellow human being, worthy of respect and dignity. I try to convince you that everyone, every-fucking-one, should have the right to access life’s necessities. And as a disclaimer, I will likely try to sell you on the idea that, when, if, I grow up (I’m twenty-something, by the way), I would like to be a cute, cuddly panda.

Source: http://interactivepuppy.com

How about that for an introduction?

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