Looking Back, Pushing Forward

Today, I lead and manage three young internet companies and I’m working on my fourth one. They came from ideas and dreams. Now, they are my reality, dreams that came true through hard work and dedication. This caused me to think of the past, to look back where it all started.

When I was still in college, back in 2009, all I wanted is to have my own company — surrounded by friends, family, and passionate people. So, I started my very first venture, a software development company. I created my first product, a touch type tutor software.

Everything was prepared, the packaging, my business cards, my sales pitch, my demo routines. My very first sale came from my Java Programming professor. She provided valuable feedback. After fixing all the bugs found by my professor and adding a few helpful features, my second sale came from a charity that helps PWDs gain life skills that will enable them to make a living. They thought learning how to touch type will give PWDs an advantage in securing a decent job for a living. My third sale, however, never came. I closed the company and took the lessons I learned from this journey with me.

In 2011, I dropped out of college and secured a job in the BPO industry. For me, this is one of the best jobs that I can get considering the fact that I’m a college dropout. I learned a lot in this industry within my 4-year stay. I left my day job to start a company out of my passion for football. Servixio Sport, an online sports retail company, was founded in 2015.

A year after Servixio Sport was founded, Servixio Outsourcing, a BPO and virtual assistance company, was born. I took all of the knowledge and skills that I got from my BPO experience and used it in this new venture of mine. In June 2017, Servixio Megastore was founded to become a customer-centric online retail store company.

Today, these three companies are thriving. I can’t say that they already achieved significant success. We are far from making a huge difference yet, but we are getting closer every single day.

Looking back, I can’t help but think of the future. Will they become successful companies that truly make a difference in people’s lives? Will they become companies that truly care about its customers — both external and internal? For me, the only thing that is certain for now is that my passion for entrepreneurship and making a difference in people’s lives get stronger every day — hoping that this will fuel me in leading my companies to success.

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