Stream of Consciousness

Let’s try this out shall we? I’ve once thought that this is a great exercise. I think all the greats do it right? What comes to mind is Kanye West on stage or on Twitter. Whether he’s a “great” or not, I will not debate with you. That’s a question better left unanswered like if the chicken or the egg came first. All I’m concerned with is eating that chicken. Fried. Preferably from Popeyes, thank you very much PETA.

I’m on my way to class on a dreary Tuesday night. On my second degree. Overachiever you ask? Nah, my first one didn’t work. Sooo I made like Aayliah and tried again. No harm in that I figured. It’s Macroeconomics to be precise. I passed the first test so I’m on the right track. Four years out of school wasn’t that much of a tragedy to me. I’m still in the figuring-it-out stage of life. I also figure that’s what your 20s are for. As you can tell I do a lot of figuring. So why not put them to print? Lol. My biggest issue is probably thinking/talking about so much of what I’m going to do without actually putting into action of what I’m going to do. My goal is to put an end to that. I mean I feel like everybody has a faith in one thing or the other, like it didn’t take too much of your faith to go ahead and click the link to this knowing you’re able to read it. You walk into a room and sit down in a chair not thinking twice of the fact that you had tremendous amount of faith to bend your legs and plant your wonderful gluteus maximus on it without the legs giving away. You just went on ahead with it. Ok, this wasn’t supposed to turn into a sermon, or a motivational speech, or a marketing campaign for Nike (unless they’re interested, I’m available! 😂) but man, I’m finding out more and more that you just got to put action to things. Dead faith ain’t profiting nobody out here. Makes no sense talking about building something if you ain’t grabbed the first brick. I remember a quote from my old supervisor’s office that said something like “Those who say it cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt the ones who are trying to do it” Pretty plain and simple.

Figure it out, and do it.


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