not even at all

I want you to comfort me, whenever nobody is around.,

Hold my hand and walk with me, whenever tough times come around,

I see you besides me and feel wherever I go,

What is all this happening; I don’t know

In the darkness of loneliness and shadows of sadness,

I felt you as a part of me when my life was in a total mess,

A smile on your face a charm around you,

What so ever might come, together we’d go through,

I was isolated, lonesome and broken deep down inside,

But you came o my life and brought to me a smile

Sorrows were long gone pain I could not feel,

It seemed that someone came and all my wounds healed

Joys were allover and happiness to surround,

But soon all was gone, I got lost in sorrow n was never found

Although the heart still pains, feelings ache and tears fall,

But in front of the world I don’t bother not even a little, not even at all

Moods are always blue darkness deep inside the heart,

From within my soul I feel completely torn apart

Dryness in thoughts only willpower to show,

To express myself, I got only words to show

Expression of thoughts and sharing of feelings,

Moments full of pain and never ending times of healing,

Am not aware of what my life is bringing,

But songs full of joy n happiness is all I am singing.

Because life’s journey is long and has to be taken as it comes,

Everything can bring sadness, if you want every moment can play joy drums!!!!

Originally published at on February 19, 2016.

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