How to forge your author brand on iAuthor: 8 insider tips

Oct 17, 2015 · 3 min read

“A personal brand lets you carve out your niche. After all, there is no competition for you”Fauzia Burke


Globally. Effortlessly. Free.

Credit: Joel Robison

iAuthor is founded on a powerful premise: there is no one more committed to promoting creative content than the content’s creators. That’s you! Our software provides the “clay”, but users do the “moulding”. In short? Self-service brand-building.

Author or publisher? Here’s a list of 8 best practices for promoting your books on iAuthor:

1 Give, and you shall receive. Be proactive about following users, not merely following them back. The more meaningful engagement you initiate, the more you’ll attract. But use the “recommend” button sparingly. After all, endorsements must be earned …

2Think like a reader. Being an author without first being a reader is like being a life coach without first having lived. Bring your love of reading to every interaction with fellow iAuthor members. By showing authentic interest in literature at large, you’ll help engender a collective spirit of serendipitous discovery; one that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

3Add your book to a Theme. To expand your reach, add your book to iAuthor’s vast selection of Themes. Themes are larger groupings of books, curated by you. “Books that lay bare the human condition”, “novels with a deeply flawed protagonist”, “fiction written in the first person singular” ― the possibilities are endless.

4Create smarter Themes. Themes should not be specific to one book or series. After all, other users are unlikely to add books to your Theme if it’s too narrow, or merely a vehicle for self-promotion. The best Themes are very conducive to sharing, and cover sub-genres or concepts relevant to several dozen books. In order to appeal to other readers/writers in your category, pick your Theme image carefully. The ideal Theme image should be landscape, high-resolution and eye-catching.

5Harness your existing network. Stumbled upon compelling content on iAuthor? Share it with your social media network. iAuthor’s integrated share and bookmarking buttons are included as standard on every book profile, theme and book sample.

6Create a book sample. Once you’ve activated your book, upload an enticing excerpt using LitSampler, our proprietary e-reader. Capture readers early, embed into your own blog with one simple line of HTML code, and drive the impulse purchase.

7Use your slideshow. When creating a book profile, make full use of your image slideshow. You can use the available image slots to share photos of your book signings, cross-promote your other book covers, and more. Remember: a visual brand goes deeper.

8Listen to your analytics dashboard. In the words of data journalist Stijn Debrouwere, “metrics are for doing, not for staring”. By monitoring your book’s performance through real-time stats, iAuthor allows you to tweak your content to optimise performance. Guided by your dashboard’s click data and demographic map, you’ll never need to resort to guesswork.

Author, publisher or reader? You can learn more about iAuthor at

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