Faux HDR Photoshop action used in the creation of this image is provided in this post.

Introducing The iBEmediumB Newsletter (not actually a newsletter)

For the past six months or so, I emailed something like this on a semi-regular basis to a someone close to me. The email was basically a link dump chronicling my travels around the interwebs, highlighting cool and interesting music, design and a bunch of other random stuff.

Now that person is no longer in my life, but I still want to share my findings. I’ve grown fond of the iBEmediumB format, so I’ll stick to that instead of posting everything as individual shares on Facebook or Twitter or something.

So welcome. I hope you’ll give this series the appreciation it deserves.

The format is the same for each post: Visual, song, link. Repeat. Minimal commentary from yours truly because I don’t think you need me to explain the internet to you.

I’ve been playing around with free Photoshop actions I’ve downloaded over the years…

Here’s what happens when Photoshop finally clicks for you. (Original photo by Winslow Townson, AP)

…and I’m happy to say that I now know what all of them do. All of the images in today’s post were edited using a free faux-HDR action I downloaded from PhotographyPla.net. (Note: With most images, I used more than just a single action.)

Songs will always come from either YouTube or Soundcloud.

Most will be some form of house/EDM/techno/whatever. The rest will be hip-hop. All will be fantastic.

Samuel Wallner — Anti You

First link: Musicmap

It’s really cool.

More fake HDR!

Original photo by Bill Kostroun, AP

I did a soft overlay on this one before running the HDR action.

Next song…

Coyu & Edu Imbernon — I Really Need You -Acumen Remix

Second link: Bēhance Gallery: RGB

More HDR-sh

Next song…

Juan zolbaran — Mull

Link 3: Pied Piper Interface


Before and After:

Original photo by Matt Slocum, AP

Song 5:

nTourage — Bomaye

Link 5: This One’s For EURO 2016

^that is the coolest thing in today’s post.

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