How 11 digits will change the whole World!!! Story of EarthID!

Respected fellow citizens of Planet Earth!
I am taking great pleasure in informing you about the mission to digitally connect the unconnected, get them basic human rights, make them direct beneficiaries of basic resources that they deserve and lack and giving the chance to socially empowering companies to market their products in this segment!

The Cool wearable device will be called EarthID! The basic idea was to connect your basic information that you have to type and repeatedly give on various websites, like names, address, phone number, etc with 11 digits unique to each individual and shorten the whole 3 page process! Then biometrics promise added another several security layers and we thought it can replace your login ID and passwords, just press / touch on the device and you’re logged in. Isn’t it amazing?

This device can bring together scattered fights and battles against pressing global issues from which we all seem to be suffering directly or indirectly such as terrorism, climate change, air pollution, species on extinction, poverty, illiteracy, HIV and you name it and make it into one solid war against these issue and force the world leaders to act on this!

You may think, its possible even on Facebook and LinkedIn! No, it’s Not! What Facebook and Linkedin has is controlled and not helping the bigger picture! recent California shooting culprits used Facebook as a medium of communication via fake profiles and alias, according to this tweet from InquirerMobile ! Now think for yourself, on the social media where terrorists and all sorts of criminals are openly looking for their next prey, are you safe? are your children or friends safe?

What if smaller action groups with set targets are created among these people working for the same cause?

Just imagine! news can be reported even if just single person didn’t have food for the day, or wanted to educate himself ?

What if you can alert nearest helping hands like, doctors, fire people or policemen in times of emergency regardless of whether you are in the same network not, regardless of you are friends with or not? Even a certified foreign professional having required knowledge to deal with specific type of emergency happening to be passing by the location of emergency, where you might be stuck, without possibly internet connection?

What if you can protect your identity online, and stop anyone using your name, address and phone numbers and taking unlawful advantages?

What if you could just be identified with the device and you don’t have to fill in your information ?

What if you could receive your next letters and parcels, right on your address with just 11 digits of your EarthID printed on them? Wouldn't that be something of a Wowww? let’s say you get notification immediately as someone using EarthID registers some letter or parcel in your EarthID and you could decide right away if you wanted to change the destination address, you could choose from your current location or any of your other stored address or may be you could send it to a friends home, whom you are visiting tomorrow? wouldn’t that be cool?

What if you could receive and send money to anyone with just 11 digits? With our technology we could just connect the unconnected people from around the world with digital banking! donations could be made directly to the real beneficiaries! micro loans can be distributed in split seconds allowing new platform for growth to the unconnected people!

What if unemployed skills and labor can be utilized in stipend based volunteering works for the benefit of Earth, say reforestation or even a helper or security person with some project?

Many such awesome features and ideas to empower every citizen on Earth will create EarthID!

About Risks and Hurdles! There are risks everywhere. To live is a risky business. To walk, to talk and to eat can all be risky with the unknown ingredients, presumptions, perception and misconceptions. There are risks in doing things but!

We need every support we get from you. we need every lionheart, roarrrr for Mother Earth and keep spreading #4MotherEarth on twitter!

Even a simple share on social networks, can go a long way!

Also please do support our kickstarter campaign coming soon! We are working tirelessly, days and nights for this campaign!

Wishing you a password less 2016, so do remember to Reserve your EarthID visiting

Regards and Respect to you.