iBrainstorm — Everything you need to know.

How do I share my projects?
Sharing projects is easy; just tap the share icon in the top tool bar. You can email your projects or use you favorite sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox or others.

How do I share notes with other people?
The step-by-step process to connect iPads.

  1. Launch iBrianstorm on all iPads you want to connect. (There’s a 4-person group limit, although you can have multiple 4-person groups on the same wifi network.)
    2. Tap the 2 faces icon in the top left corner.
    3. Select the iPads you want to connect from the list.
    4. Connecting iPads must confirm connection.
    5. Tap “Done” on the initial iPad that initiated the connection.

Why can I only share with 4 people?
Currently iBrainstorm only support 4 connections per group. You can have multiple 4-person groups on the same wifi network. We have seen working in a group of 4 be the most productive in a school setting. We do have planned to create a more robust Teacher version of iBrainstorm that will support more connection in order to control a classroom setting. If you are interested in a Teacher version please send use your feedback and ideas.

Do we need to be on the same wifi network?
Yes, in order to share content from iPad to iPad you must be on the same local Wifi network.

Can I share drawings like I can stickies from iPad to iPad?
No yet. We do have plans in the future to have the ability to share other items in the future.

How do I delete projects?
Open the project list by taping on the current project name in the top toolbar. Locate the Project you wish to delete and give it a swipe right to left, you will see the delete button. Give that delete button a tap, that’s it.

What is Pencil?
Were happy you asked! It’s only one of the best stylus ever! Check out our good friends over at https://www.fiftythree.com/pencil for more info and how to get one and use it with iBrainstorm.

I can’t connect to a group I was apart of originally?
Yeah, sorry about that. In order to get included back into your originally ground you will need the person who started the group to re-start the group invites.

Think, share, & repeat.

Think, share, & repeat.