How to find your Passion, Purpose, and Ideal Career Path

There are two pathways that help people find their calling in life, two paths that lead to the identification of their mission. Usually, you may find that only one of the two apply to yourself.

The pursuit of your passion (or purpose) requires that you employ one of the two mindsets:

1. The Passion Mindset (What can I get?)

The first mindset is primarily concerned with its own benefit. This doesn’t mean that this person is selfish (which is to thrive at the cost of others losing), it’s simply that they are motivated by something different than what society consider altruistic. Their philosophy is that ”I first need to accumulate before I can share it with others.” Give them (or yourselves) a break, it’s human nature to desire prosperity — don’t we all? And if you don’t have, how are you supposed to give?

The passionate ones are looking for a deep-rooted desire (or ambition, or purpose) to reignite, to reconnect to so that they can experience what some refer to as flow. Their approach is twofold: (1) identify their passion, and (2) hone it, so as to achieve mastery.

I) Return to your roots & Find the real

Think back on your childhood and search for:

  • a desire to repeat an activity that you never tired of
  • subjects that stimulated an unusual degree of curiosity
  • a particular activity that brought with it a feeling of heightened power
  • something in culture that sparked a deep connection
  • an encounter with an actual master that caught your attention

II) Keep one eye open

Be conscious and take note of how things make you feel in your everyday life. With this intent, you may even find that your passion was right under your nose all along. All the above bullet points can help you identify what signals you’re looking for.

Sometimes, the thing(s) that you spend most of your time on every day can give you an idea of what it is that you strongly feel passionate about.

Some questions to get you thinking about it right now:

  1. What do you do in your free time? Out of these, what is the #1 thing that you do the most? What is the one thing that you could repeat endlessly?
  2. What do you “snap back” to when you get any free time (at work, school, or home)? What does this say about you? Could you make this (or a part of it) into a career path?
  3. What are you motivated by? Materialistic things / Money? Mating / Romance? Mastery / Status? Momentum?

The continuation is coming soon. Here’s a sneak peak:

2. The Craftsman Mindset (What can I give?)

The second mindset is focused on being So Good They Can’t Ignore You. It believes that passion is a side effect of mastery, that if one wants to feel happy, fulfilled and on purpose, one has to deserve those things by earning them through deliberate practice.

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