Announcement: The iBuildApp Network Blockchain Hackathon

We are excited to announce that iBuildApp Network hackathon will be holding 2 weeklong Virtual Hackathon between August 21tst, 2017 and September 11th, 2017. Participants will have to develop proof-of-concept blockchain applications on mobile.

Bring Your Favorite Decentralize Apps on Mobile

The hackathon aims bring blockchain companies and developers to work together in bringing their Ethereum dApps to mobile.

We would like to receive feedback from dApps developers on our platform for mobile so we’re hosting a 2 week-long virtual hackathon with $25,000 in prizes.

The hackathon is free to participate and we welcome all developers around the world.

{ Prizes }

{ Entry Requirements }

To participate please use iBuildApp existing mobile view widget to bring your dApps to mobile.

If you find any bugs please report them to us, we would be happy to review and fix them.

If you already developed your dApp just use our iBuildApp platform to bring it on mobile. Try it and see how easy it is to create your own mobile app with decentralized widgets.

Create decentralized widgets that don’t require centralized servers using the iBuildApp Network platform. Reach to iBuildApp 45 M mobile users with your dApp.

Add your own widgets to iBuildApp marketplace and monetize your skills by reaching to 45M users that downloaded mobile apps built on iBuildapp.

{ Hackathon Rules }

The developer hackathon will begin in August 21st. You have 2 weeks to develop your own mobile app with dApp widget. Any modifications to the projects in Github once the hackathon is stopped will not be reviewed.

You must post your code in GitHub so the developer community have access to it. If you are porting anexisting DApp just mention “Porting DApp to Mobile” in your GitHub issue.

All project source code must be available for public review so anyone can have access to it. We want you to participate in the Ethereum open source development and make your code open.

Any license is ok to use as long as everyone in the community has access to your code.

Check out to learn more.