Week 1
Isabelle Cabana, Connie Du, Jason Davies, Susmitha Kalidindi, Gabriel Gaddi, Sharmaine Manalo

Defining Ourselves and Branding

After much discussion we decided to turn our attention to the problems that, not only students face in their every day lives.

In order to move forward in our goal to tackle such problems, we first needed to figure out how to define ourselves. We came up with the idea to call ourselves Ipsum which is a Latin word that is actually a part of the term “lorem ipsum” that derives from the Latin “dolorem ipsum” meaning “pain itself”. From this idea of pain itself we like to think that we are not causing ourselves pain, but rather we are struggling through the pain, in order to successfully achieve our goals. “Lorem ipsum” also plays a vital role in the design world and is most commonly used by designers to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document and/or visual presentation.

In order to brand ourselves, we all came up with our own versions of what we felt that the logo should look like. From there we chose the best design and then made our own versions of that design. In the end we ended up choosing the following simple geometric design.

Jason’s Logo Design for Team Ipsum

Part 1 & 2

Week 2

After much deliberation we narrowed our project choices down to a refrigerator application which then turned into a more recipe-focused and Pandora-esque (Pandora the music phone application) in order to suggest recipes to users in order to expand their palate.

Because we were going for a food themed application, we were lucky that Connie had already come up with a food themed logo during our previous logo design process. And although we had yet to come up with a name, it didn’t hurt that we already settled upon our logo.

Connie’s logo for the app

We then turned to interviewing user’s to see how much interest a food recipe application would garner and worked together to create an interview guide.

And although we were only in the beginning phases we did some research to see who our main competitors were and although there were few, there were strong ones.

After interviewing a small handful of users, we decided to make general personas based off of our interviewees to see who would user our app and why.

Isabelle’s Storyboard Persona

Part 1 & 2

Week 3

This week focused on what we would feature on our application and the basic layout of it. For the purposes of designing, we decided to have a placeholder name for our application be “BiteMe”. I actually came up with the placeholder name the day before because I was upset at a friend and could not get the words “bite me” out of my head and wanted so badly to tell them that.

Paper Prototype layout

This is where we began to think about how our application would look, and be laid out as well as what features we felt should be highlighted.

We also made a more interactive prototype online. The link can be found here.

Later that week, we did user testing on our online prototype and learned a great deal from it. We were also many design decisions that needed to be made based on the heuristics and user feedback that we tested.

Another iteration of the prototype based off of the user feedback

Part 1 & 2

Week 4

During this week we focused on taking the user feedback and our heuristic violations and correcting them to make our final product. We divvied up our tasks to creating our final product and also decided to create commercials as part of our final presentation the following week in order to showcase our phone application.

Week 5

Up until now, the name we chose for our application was “Cuisine Quest” until two days before our final presentation, I mispelled the name to be “Quisine Cuest” and we decided to go for the name “Quisine”.

Because of that, we had to redo some screens in our final product. Too bad for us, we had already filmed our commercials a few days prior and Sharmaine had already edited 2 of our 3 commercials and was in the process of finishing the last one. And in all 3 of our commercials, we said on camera that our application was called “Cuisine Quest”. But nonetheless we were too busy finishing up our final product and presentation to redo our commercials and focused on what we needed to do to make our presentation successful.

We believe that handing out a food related item during our presentation wasn’t necessary but it certainly couldn’t count against us.

Which was what we ended up doing towards the end of our presentation. Cake pops with the “Quisine” logo were passed out to the audience who seemed quite eager and willing with the idea of food being passed their way.

All in all, I quite enjoyed working on this project with my team members and felt that our final presentation was successful.

Link to our final presentation.
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