Online Retail — Don’t Let Your Business Courier Service Hold You Back

There’s no doubting that online retail has had a profound effect on the high street. However, despite the continuing rise in popularity of online retail, it’s not to say that the high street is dead. In fact, online retail has become a big part of many high street retailers. For many consumers, their relationships with trusted high street brands are very important, they just choose the most convenient method of buying, whether this be in store or online.

For retailers to be successful in selling online, it’s essential for them to provide the same level of service as they would instore. This means that they should provide a fast response to online customers should they have queries, but also that delivery services will be fast, reliable and without the inconvenience of the dreaded ‘missed delivery card’.

Whilst the number of online retailers are growing, unfortunately, so are the delivery related issues. Many online retailers promise delivery within a certain time, but it’s a regular occurrence that a package fails to arrive in the specified time. In some cases, this means that the delay is so much that customers would have been better off travelling to the store itself rather than choosing to buy online.

So what can online retailers do to improve their service and delivery times? The answer is quite simple, retailers need to review their courier service to make sure customers are getting the service that they are promised. A business courier service has to ensure that shopping online remains to be the convenient option.

For online retailers to keep consumers happy, there is one main quality to look out for from their courier service: Let the customer choose the delivery time. In too many situations, the customer has little control over when a delivery will be made, so it stands a good chance that deliveries will be made when they are away from the house. By giving the customer the chance to choose a specific window for delivery, as long as the courier sticks to this time, there should be no issues.

By choosing a flexible business courier service, online retailers can rest assured that:

· All parcels will be delivered on the first attempt, eliminating the need for missed delivery cards.

· There’s little need to worry about calls from customers asking where their parcel is. Customers sign up for a specific time, so they should have a good idea when their delivery should arrive. The best business courier services also provide the facility to track the progress of deliveries, so consumers can keep up to date with the whereabouts of their parcel.

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