We went through all contributors.

That was my point exactly and repeating the “evidence” you said in the article does not disprove it.

Amongst ALL the contributors, you only took account of BS employees. The fact is other “core devs” (their definition not the one you attribute to M Hearn) that are not BS employees do contract for BS (overtly or otherwise). If you take these into account then nearly all active contributors to the bitcoin repository(again “their own” assertion) have links to BS. These are facts not emotion.

You also intentionally muddied the definition of core devs. Bitcoin Core is neither a figment of people’s imagination nor a creation of M Hearn, they even have a website (quite aside from Satoshi’s bitcoin.org). The loose collection of devs that number it (again their own definition not emotion) are what is generally known as core devs. So my point here is, you set out claiming to provide facts to clear the supposed misinformation but started off by convoluting the definitions in order to confuse the reader. Disingenuous.