It’s quite common for company management to ask the development branch for changes that are either…
Joel Kaartinen

What a load of rubbish. Core are lucky to be working on Bitcoin code. But that you still think they “can not be replaced” in an OS project says it all.

You, on a personal level, need to re-calibrate your bearings WRT the bitcoin ecosystem. You’ve lost track of all the values that got you signed up to bitcoin and you are busy worshipping at the Core altar. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but Core is not Bitcoin, they are simply a bunch of sell-outs that have been found out, caught with their pants down.

Core have a great opportunity in the coming months to fork off onto their own alt coin, in the very image of Bitcoin, that they can mould to their liking (and you are free to follow them!). Bitcoin does NOT belong to Core.

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