The iCumulate team, who are building a multi-functional social investment and trading platform, have today announced that the project will not go ahead with the planned main token sale.

This decision came after the project was unable to reach its soft cap during the Presale phase. The main token sale was due to run from 10th–31st December 2018.

Reaching fundraising targets have become an enormous challenge for token sales due to the current market sentiment, scams and mainstream negative press perceptions of the crypto currency markets in general, all of which directly influences investment.

Angelos Diamantis, iCumulate’s Co-Founder, said “The…

Smart Contract Contribution Address

Our smart contract contribution address is:


We will not post our smart contract contribution address on our website. Instead, we have announced it on our Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Medium and Github channels.

Verification and Cross-checking:
There is ONLY ONE smart contract address for our Token Sale. We highly recommend you to verify this address against at least 2–3 of our official channels before triggering your ETH transactions.

Angelos, our CEO, features in the following video to show the smart contract address, for all of you to cross-check the authenticity of the contribution address.

Verification one — Youtube Video featuring Angelos:

Verification two- Clearify smart contract authenticity process:

Verification three — Telegram Channel Announcement:

Verification four- Medium Publication:

Verification five- Github:

Verification six — Twitter post:

We will NOT…

The approach to the iCumulate token sale has seen increased levels of volatility across all crypto currencies and tokens. There are many theories for this volatility and the subsequent downward moves in the crypto market as a whole.

These theories range from the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork disagreements to rumours of badly managed projects having to liquidate their remaining token sale funds in order to continue to operate.

With mainstream journalism seeming to adopt a fairly pessimistic reporting stance on every crypto downturn, the binary opposite view is mainly taken in crypto journalism with suggestions of buying dips to…

One of the founding principles of the iCumulate platform involves leveraging social media communication behaviours and crowd wisdom whilst filtering and promoting the very best ideas and talent.

The Overview

Keeping faithful to our principles we have created a referral program for the iCumulate Token Sale, to help spread the word and let everyone learn about the project and its unique perspective. …

We are pleased to announce that in preparation for the iCumulate PreSale event on 30th November 2018, the registration portal is now open.

Users are invited to visit the iCumulate website and click any of the “BUY TOKENS” links which will take them through to the signup process.

Once logged into the portal, users will go need to go through a simple “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process performed by our technology partners, Shufti Pro, to complete the registration.

Completing the KYC process also enables users to participate in our Token Referral Program whereby you will be given a unique referral…

When a new project is launched, there are always few key questions that immediately arise:

1) Is the project solving a real life problem?

2) Is the suggested path in solving the problem customer friendly and bound with a sustainable business plan?

3) Is the team behind the project able to execute the plan and above all do they have the experience to adapt and address the unforeseen threats that inevitably appear along the way?

The Problem

The recent launch of distributed ledger technology and the concept of asset tokenisation has opened the gates to a new world with newly defined concepts… Platform

iCumulate is a social investing ecosystem where users can invest in hundreds of crypto, fiat & hybrid assets, from their blockchain based tokenised portfolios.

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