Paypal has blocked you because it’s policy clearly states as you should be atleast 18 years old…

I’m not sure if you’ve ever bought tickets to the wild ride that is PayPal phone support, but it’s not a ride I’d queue for again, not only that, but they won’t discuss account suspension over the phone.

Even if my account was in violation of something, is there a need to enforce a policy whereby I am free to open a new PayPal account, but I can’t use any of my previous bank accounts or cards — how does that work? Others that report similar things happening to them manage to get anything from no response and no refunds, to their account being returned to normal. There’s no transparency and no consistency.

With all that aside, this isn’t a post to just shout at PayPal for it’s terrible customer service, it’s a PSA so others can avoid it — I’ve already had a lot of messages thanking me as their account was setup the same, so they’ve closed and re-opened, saving them this headache down the line.

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