Later doesn’t just cover Instagram, it also covers Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.
Dennese Devesa

Thanks for the heads up!

First a clarification: The research presented in the article represents my best efforts to be current on the feature sets of over thirty-three social media services as of the first week of January 2017. It does not reflect any developments thereafter.

However, I have confirmed that you are indeed correct in that Later now support all of these networks today as detailed on their pricing page. pricing page as of July 12, 2017.

Founder, Matt Smith kindly confirmed this via Twitter:

Therefore, an edit is indeed due.

For transparency’s sake, my original statement was saying that among the services I excluded were:

“Those which only serve one social network. For example, tools which only serve Instagram such as, Fanharvest, Grum, Hopper,, Later, Onlypult, and”

I’ve now edited this to say:

“Those which primarily serve one social network.”

I hope this is a reasonable description, as based on Later’s website top page banner, it does seem that Instagram is their current focus. Or, at least, it probably was their core strength back in early January, when I published my article. top page banner as of July 12, 2017

However, if I am missing something, please kindly advise.

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