Limited Food Lover

Refusing to go the extra mile for food.

In a world that allows us to share our passions via cyberspace, there are sure a lot of people who are passionate about food.

Like who isn’t? It’s a thing we all do!!!
Look how into it she is. She’s about to make love to that burger!

There’s not a day that passes when we don’t see a picture of what someone ate or worse, witness them taking the picture…

*mouth begins to water*
*Heavy breathing*
There are so many that do this….
In most annoying voice ever : “ Oh look at me enjoying this food, and all you do is look!”

The love for food goes as far as having shows that literally revolve around the idea of watching others eat it or cook it!

From Man vs Food. He literally gets paid to eat!
Ramsay can get away with this because of you people!
It’s a little therapeutic. …

But for most of us, our love can only go so far!


It all stops when it comes to cooking the food…

The enthusiasm is all gone.

And the cleaning. @_@


When keeping the above in mind, let’s be honest, there’s a strong chance your a limited food lover as well.

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