Sarah Palin’s Endorsement

Probably not what Trump had in mind.

When people seek out endorsements, it’s usually to bolster their image. At least that’s what most normal people do. Trump may think differently.

That’s an actual quote. @_@

Perhaps this is what he thought would happen:

Cheering crowds of approval.
Garner more fans like this one.
Most likely did this as he got the idea. Or any idea…

This is what most people would have expected:

Crowd booing
Palin being weird
And overall be a great source of comedy

And this is what happened:

You get the gist….

And knowing Trump, he probably thinks it went great:

In denial…

And this is how people responded:

I don’t think people have a high opinion of them.

Overall, we can all probably agree, we look forward to what Trump and Palin are up to next.

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