The Social Media Sensation: Why So Popular?

It’s second nature.

It does not take a long brain scratcher to determine that, over the past decade, social media has rapidly become an entity that’s undoubtedly a part of most individuals’ lives. Even though it all began as geek buzz, it has become a need — regardless of the nature of that “need,” it has, indeed, seeped into all aspects of lives. Be it online businesses, small time entrepreneurs, restaurants, you name it; they are in dire need of social media to keep their businesses afloat. Why? Why is social media SO important?

Everyone Has Access To It

Whether it’s the younger generation you talk about, middle-aged, or even the people in their seventies — everyone is a part of this huge cloud. Social media is the easiest and primary source to reach out to just anyone and everyone. It influences the way people interact with one another, and has a major influence on everyday life.

Freedom of Expression

The ever advancing technology has made it smooth and easy for people to express themselves. Even though most people tend to focus on the negative aspect of that freedom rather than the bright side but the positive influence has been mind-blowing. We, as a global community, are now more open to discussing (and accepting!) different perspectives from all around the world.

New Travels FAST

People want to know what’s happening, and they want to know NOW. Social media has made it possible for people to be and stay updated about events that are taking place at the other side of the globe.


It’s quite simple to become a “brand” online: create content that involves the current social media trends and there you have it. The more interaction you are able to gauge from your audience, the bigger the brand. Especially when it comes to social media marketing. Let’s face it, people like branding.

Social media marketing plays a huge role in why social media has become so crucially important in today’s world. Since “everyone’s doing it,” social media marketing, now, has the potential to reach above and beyond what traditional marketing can help achieve. And, remember, it’s the engagement that builds a brand, not the mere existence of one.


To be fair, social marketing has revolutionized the way marketing is views, globally. First of all, you are able to build or join various communities of either like-minded individuals or business that help you grow. Once, that is done, you automatically end up learning techniques and strategies that you had not heard of before.

Every brand or industry has its own specific audience. Before social media marketing, the only way you could rely on your promotions being spread was through word of mouth — but with the oiler of social media, the businesses can urge their audiences to share their promotions, offers, etc directly from the itself — it helps the brand build credibility in their respective audience’s mind.

Targeting has been made easy, since you can decide who, where, and what they are being shown. We haven’t even scratched the first layer of why social media has become so undeniably important in our lives. This article is provided by

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