Char-Broil Introduces the First-of-Its-Kind SmartChef® TRU-Infrared® Gas Grill

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Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 25, 2017
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Helping to revolutionize outdoor grilling, Char-Broil, one of the world’s most respected outdoor cooking companies, announced their latest innovation: the Char-Broil® SmartChef® TRU-Infrared®Gas Grill ($799). Delivering ‘real-time’ alerts with state of the art monitoring and control, the Wi-Fi connected grill is the ultimate grilling experience and allows for consumers to spend more time with friends and family. With the SmartChef® Gas Grill app, available on iOS 9 and beyond, consumers can select their cook through control mode for a guided time, or temperature cook; or can select manual mode.

Control Mode –

o Guided Cook — Select food and follow the step-by-step notifications.

o Time Cook — Select grill temperature and target time then monitor the cooking process.

o Temperature Cook — Select target probe temperature and monitor.

Manual Mode — Control the grill manually while monitoring grill status and receive notifications.

With a continued commitment to enhancing the outdoor cooking experience, the new Char-Broil® SmartChef® TRU-Infrared® Gas Grill addresses and alleviates a number of consumer challenges with grilling. Traditional methods of grilling can take time to finesse. With the support of the app, grilling perfectly cooked foods is attainable for all.

The Char-Broil® SmartChef® TRU-Infrared® Gas Grill provides a number of state-of-the art features including:

Grilling Independence — Easily monitor and control temperatures, cooking times, and flipping times right from a compatible smart device.
 Endless Inspiration — Choose from a library of recipes that connect to the SmartChef® grill for both control and manual cooking modes.
 No Flare-Ups & Juicier Food — With TRU-Infrared® cooking technology, it allows consumers to cook food evenly and receive up to 50% juicier results packed with even more flavor.

“Having a guided cooking experience inspires grilling techniques, and gives consumers freedom to learn how to build their craft,” said Brendan Anderson, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management at Char-Broil. “For Char-Broil it’s all about creating a better product and that includes smart technology, too. We’re proud to add The Char-Broil® SmartChef® TRU-Infrared® Gas Grill to our family of grills.”

The Char-Broil® SmartChef® TRU-Infrared® Gas Grill will be available for purchase at retailers and the Char-Broil website.

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