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Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: May 18, 2017
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It has been a long time waiting for Thermoworks to finally put there amazing and accurate temperate probes and combine the use of wireless technology together and create “Smoke 2 Alarm Thermometer.

Description of Smoke 2 Alarm Thermometer

Designed for competition BBQ teams and professional chefs, Smoke outlasts and outperforms every competitor. Not a cheaply-made housewares product, Smoke features a rugged housing with molded-in seals for splashproof protection. Smoke uses Pro-Series Probes which are interchangeable with Smoke, ChefAlarm®, and DOT®.

2-Channels, one for the meat and one for the pit
 Wireless to 300-feet line of sight
 Uses commercial-grade Pro-Series Probes
 Pre-synchronized with receiver — no setup required!
 Splash-proof sealed design, rated to IP65
 Dashboard-style display shows Min/Max and Hi/Low Alarms
 Backlit large digit displays
 Pair multiple receivers to one base for the entire BBQ team

Dual Channel
Accepts two probes, one for the meat and one for the pit. Tracks each probe independently with settable high and low alarms. Probes included.

Commercial Quality
Uses commercial-grade Pro-Series probes for better accuracy, faster response and longer life than cheaply-made housewares probes.

Water Resistant
Molded-in seals for splashproof protection, safe for outdoor use.

Extended Wireless Range
Wireless range to 300-feet gives you freedom to roam.

Large Backlit Dashboard-Like Display
Large digits viewable from a distance with backlight for low light conditions. Min/Max and Hi/Low alarms always displayed at-a-glance.

Extra Long Battery Life
2 x AA’s power Smoke with super long 1,800 hour battery life. Never run out during a long cook.

Smoke Receiver
Comes pre-paired out of the box. Beeps and vibrates at the alarm. Displays temperatures and alarm settings on the large LCD screen. Pair as many Receivers as you want to one Smoke.

Review and Rating of the Smoke 2 Channel Alarm Thermometer

I have been waiting for the ThermoWorks Smoke 2 Channel Alarm Thermometer for a long long time and I so glad that ThermoWorks finally got around to making this incredible device. I recently tried this device while barbecuing some chicken and was impressed with the ease of set up and also the range between the main unit and the remote that displayed both the internal temperatures of the chicken and of the smoker. Not only was I impressed with the range and the ease of the set up, I loved the alarm feature along with the pin point accuracy of the temperature monitoring device. Another reason why I love the ThermoWorks Smoke 2 Channel Alarm Thermometer is because you can pair as many receivers to one smoke unit which really makes this device extremely powerful and useful if you have multiple cookers and cooking different types of proteins.

Temperature Monitoring Accuracy

Price Point

Ease of Use

Ease of Set up

Smoke by Thermoworks is a must have for both the amateur griller and also the professional!

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