4 ways to thicken your hair

Thinning of the hair is one of the first sign that our hair is screaming for attention. Thinning of the hair is extremely common and is seen among many people day in and out. In the market there are several products that claim to solidify the clots, thicken and strengthen your hair. However these products always don’t work as well as they claim and we consumers hope.

However there are several other ways that are natural in nature to improve the health and thickness of your hair.

Eat food rich in nutrients and vitamins

1. Thinning of the hair often is a result of poor blood flow in the capillaries as poor circulation can reduce the amount of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles. This in turn results in your hair failing to get the vital vitamins and nutrients that stimulate hair growth.

2. When the capillaries open they play a vital part in naturally thickening of your hair and prevent hair loss from the body.

3. Eating a well balanced nutritious diet can help build up the needed vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the body. Fat tends to clog up your circulatory system and can cause fatty foods to build-up and decrease your circulation. Positive changes in dietary habits can decrease the rate of hair loss and make the hair thicker, healthy and shining.

Include vitamin rich vegetables and fruit in your diet to lessen the fatty deposits. Leafy vegetable such as spinach is healthy food, rich in antioxidants, which will boost the health of your hair.

Make exercise a part of your daily regime

1. Exercising daily builds your heart rate up and our blood pumps and flows better, which in turn increases circulation. You can choose to opt for Aerobic exercises such as jogging and cycling to get your heart racing and oxygen flowing to improve the health of your hair.

2. When the toxins in the body are reduced it boosts the circulation to capillaries. This overall affects the thickness of your hair and stimulates healthier hair growth.

Diminish any unnecessary stress

Stress leads to hair loss, and this could be the cause of thinning hair. When hair loss is due to stress your hair resume its growth back only after the stress you are undergoing is lost.

It has become a way of life for most people. Daily routine such as work pressure, health issues, and parental anxiety can all lead to stress. So it’s vitally important to take a few moments each day for oneself and focus on de-stressing by taking up any activity of your choice such as walking, swimming, reading a book etc. This certainly will help reduce hair loss and widen your hair growth.

After following these natural tips, if you are still facing hair loss and baldness it is surely a matter of concern, for which you should consult a hair transplant clinic and seek advice about your hair from the best hair transplant doctor.

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