All you want to know about Bio-Fue method of hair transplant

Hair baldness and hair fall have become a common phenomenon in the life of everyone, irrespective of the gender. Also it does not have an age bracket, meaning this phenomenon can occur in your life as early as just 20–22 years. Shocked?? But it’s true!! It is also true that the occurrence of hair problems can be majorly blamed upon the stressful and fast life style (pushed to its limit with the help of junk food) of the people in the age bracket of 20–50 years.

Side effects of hair fall:

But the problem of hair fall can be avoided if treated properly at an earlier stage i.e. at the very onset. But as we know people tend to ignore the first tell tale signs of hair problems letting it grow more and more difficult to be treated naturally or even with medications. The result eventually is not only hair loss but also loss of confidence and self esteem.

Solution for baldness and hair loss:

Thus the final solution for a person suffering from hair problems is hair restoration surgery. But again the final results of such a surgery many times vary from person to person without a guarantee of complete success.

If you are looking for a hair transplant procedure that guarantees a successful hair transplant then Bio-Fue is the most perfect hair restoration procedure for you.

What is Bio-Fue hair transplant?

Bio-Fue is the advanced and the newer version of FUE. It is the most popular and the most trending method of hair restoration used by best hair transplant doctors all over the world. Machines supervised by humans are involved in the extraction procedure of the follicles from the donor area which results in higher efficiency and less scope of human error.

Bio-Fue at IGraft:

If you are opting for Bio-Fue procedure at iGraft, you can rest assured for a successful hair transplant. We at iGraft, know that graft quality is different in different person. One follicular unit of hair may contain 1 hair follicle, 2 or 3 hair follicles in it. Here, we calculate grafts for a person depending upon his hair follicle type and as a result we get a accurate output for the calculation of the grafts.

Since Bio-Fue is a direct hair transplant procedure there is minimal wastage of hair follicles involved in the procedure because the hair follicles when extracted from the donor area are directly grafted in the recipient area. This majorly helps to make the procedure a success as most of the hair follicles are still alive when grafted.

We, at iGraft, do not use scalpels for the Bio-Fue hair transplant. Hence there is least blood loss for the patient as well as minimum of discomfort and pain. Because of the non-existent use of scalpels there are also no tell tale scars which are left behind in case of other hair transplant procedures. This also speeds up the recovery procedure which helps the patient to jump back into his routine much sooner as compared to other procedures.

Bio-Fue is recommended by iGraft to solve your hair problems once and for all and shoot up your self confidence once more by regaining your lost pride.

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