Does Alcohol Actually Affect your Hair Causing Hair Loss?

If you’re looking for an answer for the above question, then you’re at the right place. We would like to explain you what the right answer is for it. Many people enjoy having a glass of wine with family at dinner or also like to have a bottle of beer when there is a football match on and or when we are with friends during a special occasion, we might overdo it on a night. It’s very common this is a thing which almost everyone has experienced. But when the question comes about alcohol, one should actually know that excessive alcohol actually has a severe effect on many parts our body. But today we would look into the effects of excessive dosage of alcohol on hairs.

Does alcohol cause hair loss?

The shortest answer for the above question is NO. One should know actually that there is no direct connecting link between hair loss and exceeding the recommended units of alcohol. There may not necessarily be any side effects for consumption of alcohol but severe alcohol may cause you some very bad and serious hair loss. There can be serious side effects of excessive alcohol causing serious hair loss.


Alcohol is a diuretic which means it causes an increased passage of urine in a person’s body. And as alcohol being diuretic it can cause accelerated dehydration. Anti Diuretic Hormone, generally known as ADH is found in every person’s body but the consumption of alcohol can actually reduces or lower it. ADH actually helps the body to regulate hydration. But the lowering of ADH, due to excessive consumption of alcohol, can cause the body to expel liquid though sweating and urination. Due to this expelling of fluids a body may become dry and experience brittle hair making it prone to breakage, though it is not necessary that it may cause hair loss only.

Will my hair loss be permanent?

No need to worry excessive alcohol consumption causes a temporary hair loss. Hair thinning and hair loss are the most common phenomenon that a person has to deal with while consumption of alcohol. Excessive drinking may result in something disastrous such as getting dry hair or they may be getting brittle or thinning or sometimes all three are experienced at the same time. If you don’t want to face these disastrous consequences it is highly recommendable you should assess your daily intake and may be after it. You should only stick with the guidelines of recommended units. A couple of months if you follow proper instructions be rest assured that your hair would get back to normal healthy state within a couple of months.

If you don’t consume alcohol you might have noticed similar symptoms such as thinning and damaging of hairs which lead to severe hair loss. There is a possibility that it may be related to a different condition. Every hair loss condition may not resume proper hair growth again and it might require a proper form of treatment. If you are looking for proper hair treatment or hair transplant then seek consultation from a hair transplant clinic Pune. For more information related to your hair transplant or hair loss, don’t hesitate please feel free to contact us.

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