Is Getting a Hair Transplant Overseas a Good Idea?

Hair transplants are becoming a common procedure nowadays. In UK, the procedure can still be too costly for an average person so more and more people are counting on India to get the hair transplant done mainly because the hair transplant cost in India is far reasonable then overseas.

In this section of the blog, we will know about the procedure involved and if having it done in India is a good option.

hair transplant

Procedure involved in Hair transplant

In the course of performing a hair transplant, surgeons need to take hair follicles from the “donor site”, mostly the back side of the head and transplant them to the “recipient site”, which in most cases is the scalp. The hair transplant Bangalore offers visible guarantees, making it still the best choice to treat male balding and hair loss in males as well as females. The operation is performed under the supervision of trained hair transplant experts using localized anaesthesia and sometimes mild sedation.

The surgeon starts with harvesting a strip of hair and the nurse works at removing extra fatty tissue from around the follicles to make it practically possible for transplanting. The surgeon then works best to graft hair from the donor site and leave a minimal scar as possible and move on to transplant the hair to the recipient site. The hair follicles are then punctured in the prearrange positions so that the transplant looks as natural as possible.

During the post-operative care the patient needs to change head bandages daily. In a few months the transplanted hair will start to grow naturally. Once you are sure you want to go for the hair transplant procedure its best to firstly inquire about the cost involved. Make sure you get some idea about the hair transplant cost.

Pricing is a major factor which often prevents people from opting from hair transplant, mainly because most of the health insurance companies do not cover the procedure, so most people would have to shoulder the whole cost themselves, which is quite a hole in the pocket.

Thus more and more people have found the answer to their hair transplant solution by opting for hair transplant Bangalore, India, which compromises of reasonable pricing and a history of successful hair transplants conducted by experienced hair transplant surgeons Bangalore.

For those people who would like to get a hair transplant Bangalore, you can count on us and be assured to avail a successful hair transplant procedure.

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