Is Hair Loss the Actual Reason why you don’t Date Women or Men?

My friend, Raj 31, recently through a dating app experimented that if you have more hair you can actually land more dates. He actually got keen to undergo a transplant for spurring the experiment and he found that he was getting much more attention when his baldness did not show. To check whether it was actually working, Raj created two profiles which had two different photos. First profile has the photo which was taken before his transplant and next profile had photo which was taken after his transplant.

hair loss


75% increase in Tinder matches. The experiment done by Raj was pretty simple, he first created two profiles of himself on tinder (the dating app), one before his transplant and one after. The main aim of Raj’s experiment was to see if having a full head of hair can actually help him to improve his dating game. He ran the two profiles simultaneously; the only difference between the profiles was the difference of photographs, which ensured that the results were accurate.


The first profile that contained a profile photo of him with a high receding hair line, he looked bad in that photo which affected his self esteem and overall confidence which pushed him towards his hair transplant surgery. He finally took the decision of hair transplant. On the pre transplant profile that is the profile which contained a photograph after his transplant had a greater impact and Raj received 116 matches from women on Tinder. His second profile exceeded the first one by 75%, this is a pretty impressive number, isn’t it? Raj’s post profile which consisted his fuller head of hair photograph landed him 203 matches. Difference of hair made a huge difference between matches.

Is Surgery for men becoming More Popular

The number of Men that undergo the hair transplant surgery has been doubled in the last decade. As people realized undergoing hair loss due to thinning of hair affects your self esteem and confidence and you should take the decision of hair loss surgery like Raj did.

Am I suitable for a hair transplant?

If you are worried about that question then no need to worry even a little it is totally safe. During the social experiments Raj mentioned that hair transplant is most often associated with 50 something men in a bid to look younger. Due to an increase in young men losing their hair, due to various reasons that may be stress or anything, it is no surprise that this young audience are starting to consider their prospective about the hair transplant surgery.

If you too are facing hair loss and seek consultation we would be happy to assist you and help you out with your hair transplant. We have a team of specialist who will be happy to assess your hair loss and we would like to work with you to decide the best treatment option.

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