Is the cost of a hair transplant worth it?

The most important thing when one plans to opt for Hair transplant treatment, one often thinks regarding the cost of the transplant. It’s not possible to figure out the exact cost of the transplant and can differ dramatically from person to person depending upon the no of hair grafts needed. Keeping this in mind, we always suggest you to get a personal consultation from the best hair transplant doctor who will help determine the treatment needed.

This one to one consultation enables us to discuss the treatment needed and the costs involved. However, there are times when the thought crosses the patient’s mind and have asked if the cost of a hair transplant is worth it?

Whenever we buy something we all look at the cost of the alternatives. So let’s look at the long-term savings of undergoing hair transplant.

Stop spending on premium hair care products

You already have been spending money on trying to save your hair by spending on expensive shampoos and conditioner that claim to help thinning hair. However in some cases, these products fail to work in spite of the staggering price. These products just are maintenance and are not a real cure or solution for hair loss condition.

Medications don’t prevent hair loss

Many hair loss medications in the market are very pricey or have extensive side effects. However, these drugs do not cure hair loss. The market leading drugs such as Minoxidil and Finasteride known to stop hair loss for a number of years cannot reserve hair loss problem.

However hair transplantation allows you to restore the hairline giving you a revitalised hairline that looked like during your youth days. Losing one’s hair especially at a young age can be quite a miserable feeling.

How much does hair transplant costs?

The cost of hair transplant Pune is typically dependent on the amount of grafts required and the technique used.

At the iGraft Global Hair Services we use the DT technique of hair transplantation, as we know it work out to be the best, both in terms of results, and recovery speed and safety.

Remember that, while some clinics may be cheaper, you need to understand the price also reflects the quality. Its best to come and see us to determine the exact cost of hair transplant and see us for a personal consultation as the price for hair transplants differ from person to person depending on the treatment chosen and the no of grafts needed.

A hair transplant overall will help save you money

In most maximum patients need only 2 procedures during their lifetime, the first being the main hair transplant and later followed by a smaller transplant in the future if the hairline recedes. You can count on our expert team of hair loss specialists and be delighted to feel safe in experienced hands. Contact us for a personal consultation now!

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