Know About the Hair Graft and Hair Transplant Procedure

Male pattern baldness is also called Androgenetic Alopecia which is faced by many. Hair balding has become an issue of concern lately as many are facing it. Mostly due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, genetic issues, poor diet, no exercise. A solution to this is opting for a hair restoration surgery, but then who should be carrying it out? This is a question that is often raised by many. It should be carried out with the best hair transplant surgeons in India as you don’t want to lay your hands and invest your money who will not fetch you good results.

Donor Area

The ones who suffer from androgenetic alopecia will mostly have an area on their head which won’t be affected by hair balding. This area is called as the donor region, when hair is removed from here and transplanted into thinning are or baldness the hair maintains the character of the area from its origin. So the hair that is transplanted will remain unaffected by the balding process and will stay on the patient’s head permanently. No additional need for any medication or shampoo to maintain the hair that is transplanted.

What is hair graft?

It is a naturally occurring group of hair which contains between 1 or 4 hairs each. There are 2 hairs in each hair graft on an average. After removal from the donor area each hair graft is prepped for transplantation. Small incisions are made at the same time in the recipient areas of scalp where the transplant needs to be done. On an average 4,000 hair grafts can be transplanted in a day’s process. An average hair transplant process for a moderate hair loss patient involves the transplantation of an average of 2,000 hair grafts.

Hair Transplant design

Yes, each patient’s hair transplant needs to be designed for it to look normal since the hair which is transplanted will remain on the patient’s head for the rest of their life. Hair transplants needs to be executed properly and should always be carefully and should be implemented with a qualified surgeon. At I graft global hair services hair transplants are done in the most natural way. And they lay importance on all good hair restoration processes.

Hair transplant during surgery

A hair transplant process is done in a course of a single day. It typically takes between 6–10 hours. The patient will be given a local anesthesia that is similar to that of a dentist and will be awake throughout the surgery with no feeling of pain. Patients can relax, watch movies and even opt to listen to music during this process of hair transplant. They can resume working in a few days and the hair transplant will not affect their appearance.

So if you are looking for a hair restoration clinic then Igraft global hair services is that one place that you need to head to. They will thoroughly check the issue with hair and suggest the type of treatment that will work for you with all its details.

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