Know the Difference between Mature Hairline and Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss can occur because of various causes, and when hair fall initially starts it becomes difficult to understand the reason. There are different types of hair loss and when hair loss stems at early stages it’s difficult to determine if you are beginning to get a mature hair line or if you have male pattern baldness.

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Let’s understand what is mature hairline?

With every passing year as you mature in age like the rest of your body, your hairline too can start to mature. In this process your hairline becoming slighting high and the major change in the hairline occurs in the teenage years. The juvenile hairline, which has slightly rounded edges mature and become slightly higher up and are less clear.

The process off mature hairline can begin to happen in your teenage years around the age of 17, and can extend anywhere between the age of 17 and 29. The speed at which the hair fall begins may vary from person to person. This hairline is not a result of any genetic predisposition.

Let’s understand what is male pattern baldness?

Also known as androgenic alopecia, this type of hair loss is most common and has at large affected up to 70% of men, as well as 40% of women. In this the baldness is caused by receding hairline and the hair on the crown and temples begin to thin, leaving the hair around the hair receding and making one look half bald.

This pattern of hair loss occurs as a result of hair follicles shrinking and mainly because of the effects of androgenic hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). These two hormones break down the cycle of hair growth. This makes the growing phase of the hair depleted where as the shedding phase of the hair remains the same, in turn making the hair fall faster than they grow.

In the first phase hairs become shorter and thinner and eventually turn brittle which are prone to falling out. It’s time to opt for a quick visit to hair loss clinic to get solution for your hair loss.

Is a maturing hairline a sign of male pattern baldness?

A mature hairline does not always mean male pattern baldness. It is normal to form a maturing hairline; however male pattern baldness can form as you age.The signs of hair loss displayed in male pattern baldness are a thinning crown and a receding hairline which gets more prominent than a maturing hairline. The difference between a maturing hairline and one that is undergoing male pattern baldness is the distance that the hair has receded.

How to determine that I need help for hair loss?

If the maturing hairline has just now become visible it is not a matter of immediate concern. It has already been discussed that mature hairline does not always result in male pattern baldness.

However, if you suspect that you might be suffering with male pattern baldness, it is best to seek consultation from a hair transplant clinic Pune.

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