Mistakes Done by Hair Transplant Candidates

Hair transplant has set a mark in the market and proven itself as a treatment which is effective for all hair loss issues. But there are chances that it can go wrong! Completely wrong! Especially since there is plenty of Hair transplantation centers in India. It goes without saying that nobody would like to have a failed hair transplant on them after facing plenty of hair fall. It is possible to avoid these mistakes, when you plan to opt for hair transplant. What are they? Let’s take a look!

. A common mistake that is made by mostly all candidates who opt for hair transplant is that they consider all surgeons are on same lines and can fetch you same results. But that’s not the case! In reality the process of hair transplantation might be the same but then the surgeons differ with their skills of surgery and if any mistake by the surgeon then it can lead to very bad results. Remember to opt for specialized and experienced surgeon for hair treatment as they can give you good results which will make the hair look dense, natural and always healthy.

· A few patients are believed of the fact that any number of grafts (unlimited) can be transplanted during hair treatment! This isn’t true! The fact is that only a few numbers of grafts, up to 4000 to the maximum can be planted safely in a single sitting as more number of grafts will lead to outrageous results as there is chance that such instances can happen only in haste so it will surely lead to poor standards or quality of hair transplantation.

· Another common mistake is that prior to the treatment the patient opts for the cheapest option of treatment in order to save costs! Remember cost should not be the only criteria in clinic selection and can lead to bad results, Instead choose for economical and qualitative treatment costs. Do not always choose to compromise on the quality but choose clinics that offer good hygiene and help you save costs without compromising on facts like safety, quality and cleanliness.

· Patients believe that only extraction and transplantation matters in the successful hair surgery but reality is that along with these major steps other preventive steps add to success like storage and handling of hair follicles when outside body, initial diagnosis, selection of donor area, pre and post care.

These above mentioned points play a very important role in choosing hair transplant clinic. Always remember that once a bad hair transplant is done it will remain on the candidate’s head forever and it goes without saying that nobody would want their hair to look shabby and untidy, it will bring down their confidence. Instead choose a right clinic and the best surgeon for hair transplant who will not only give you a natural looking hair transplant but also help you gain back all the lost confidence so that you get going!

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