Fly, if you can’t walk

After years of joy

Today Friday, April 14 i felt the ground. It was hard to walk again. Tried to hide my tears but it won’t kill the pain. I will lie to you if i said: “i never thought of quiting”, “i don’t feel depressed”. You know what? I cried, get scared, fall, messed up, made mistakes and i’ve been hurt.

Everyday, i woke feeling the same. Do i have to say: “I’m all good when i bleed through my heart?” I know, life is about making mistakes but it also about trying to be great, right! Do not let your failure to scare you.

I feel your pain, it’s all in us!

Hold on, here is the exhibit. It’s my life, look at a little closer you could see the highlight. Look at all the years i have been waiting for a moment. Shed a lot of tears just to smile in the morning.

Wrote this for help on behalf of everybody finding them self. I’ve been there and i did it. This is for the ones who fought their way through. The ones who trying to get it. The ones who dreaming and living. Head up, get up you have to keep going but if you can’t walk, fly.

Hamad Fouad
Entrepreneur, Be as you are. Use what you have and do what you can’t!
 IOS Developer • CTO at WNNA, INC
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