Greatness needs a lot of things but it doesn’t need an audience

how can you get fired from a company you started?
— Steve Jobs

Greatness it’s just something we made up, somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is a gift for chosen one! for superstars! and the rest of us can stand by and watch but the truth is greatness is for all of us! this is not about lowering expectations, it’s about raising them for every one of us. Greatness is not in one special place and not in one special person, it is wherever somebody is trying to find it.

We have plans to be great but most of the time it’s just something you try and fail but you keep trying until you get there.

Pursuit of greatness is kind of big enough isn’t it?

It’s easy to think greatness is only something you see on motivational videos unless of course greatness is watching motivational videos! believe me, greatness is a scary thing until you just do it. If we face our fears it means we’re in the right direction even if the direction is upside down.

If we think that greatness is supposed to look a certain way, act a certain way and play a certain way! we certainly need to rethink some things.

We all know that greatness doesn't come knocking your door but what you don’t know is you can’t measure it because it’s bigger than that and sometimes it’s fun. What is really interesting is that some people are told they were born with greatness and some people told themselves.

Is greatness worth fighting for? what do you think?

Hamad Fouad
Entrepreneur, Be as you are. Use what you have and do what you can’t!
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