Make it happen, shock everyone.

never announce your next move before you make it

I always define success by the ability to change things around me. Living in a circle of change: Dream At night, think about my idea in the morning, make it reality then repeat.

I really hate sharing / talking about my ideas when they’re still in my head beacuse i’ll have two main issues:

  1. People will ask for progress 🤦🏻‍♂️, then inspiration will fade away.
  2. People judge too soon, they can’t see it as i do.

Anyway, everything i do delivers “WOW” impression. I know Why i did it, how i did it and what is going to be next. Well, people inspired by what i do as it is standard to them and i don't want them to be disappointed.

I think the more you thought about everything i do the more you’ll have the ability to see the big picture in different prespective. Already mensioned my tips and techniques in my previous stories but i just wanted to hightlight one thing again:

focus on what you love and create your own standards

My friend Ali Al-Hammadi told me once, “Hamad, there is a huge gap between the ones who just want it and the ones who really want it” — It’s true, if you really want it you’ll find a way no matter what stands in front of you but on the other hand if you just want it, you’ll make excuses sometimes.

Can we pretend that you’re working on something really big, people will start calling you the greatest right? but hold on, does this thing will change them? properly not because their lifestyle is so simple and basic which means you have to create a new lifestyle for them to upgrade! The truth is, only few people in the world did that like Steve Jobs.

Like Steve Jobs, no one knew back then why he did it until they saw how he changed everything. As far away as your imagination can go, you’ll see a whole different side and have the opportunity to change.

Everyone think i’m out of sight, running blind. If you just could open up your imagination like your eyes then you’ll will see the signs. Again, I know “Why i did it, how i did it and what is going to be next” but you don’t.

Oops, my time is up so i need to end my story, sorry :(

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