Success requires great ideas but there is no bad idea, there is bad execution

It takes courage to stand in front of an audience! just take a deep breath and go inspire the world! In other words, it’s now or never!

For the last 7 months, i realized that my life depends on presenting my ideas so i have to have the courage to stand and shout what lives inside of me and show the world the beauty of what i am making in the darkness.

My name is Hamad Fouad CTO and co-founder at WNNA, Inc. You might call me a bit of coding geek because i’m breathing code!! Also teaching over 10,000+ students on Udemy voluntarily on how to make IOS apps. In case you are wondering, i love what i do. In fact, this is what I live for. My goal is to make your life better because i was born here.

Well, I dedicated the past four years to understand how successful people achieved their dreams.

So when we think about the ideas we have, and the dent we want to leave in the universe, it is striking to see how big of an overlap there is between the ideas that we have and projects that never happen.

For those who are believing in overnight success. You know the story, right? That tech guy built an app and sold it very fast for a lot of money. You know, the story may seem real, but I bet it’s incomplete. If you go investigate further, maybe the guy has done over 10 apps before, maybe not too educated, or simply failed in life.

This is really interesting, I myself have a story that people might think is an overnight success, but that only worked because i took life and self development seriously. Your overnight success story is always a result of everything you’ve done in your life through that moment. Because what i have learned there is no recipe to be successful so you have to write your own. But don’t forget to share it to inspire people.

I see people saying, Yes, I had this great idea, but no investor had the vision to invest. Oh, I created this great product, but the market is so bad, the sales didn’t go well. Or, I can’t find good talent my team is so below expectations. If you have ideas!, it’s your responsibility to make them happen. Yes, it may be hard to find talent. Yes, the market may be bad. But if no one invested in your idea, if no one bought your product, for sure, there is something there that is your fault. No one achieved their goals alone. But if you didn’t make them happen, it’s your fault and no one else’s. Be responsible.

So what motivates me to do what i do? I look at my self in every morning and say: Hamad, there is no time to sleep, there is no time to have fun, there is no time to snooze! Because there is somebody out there who wants your spot, he is working too hard and he will succeed!

Hamad Fouad
Entrepreneur, Be as you are. Use what you have and do what you can’t!
 IOS Developer • CTO at WNNA, INC
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