What i live for

I’ve been climbing to the top and i’m so close now. They always said i’d make it far but they failed to mention how. We got issues that we can’t change, as quickly as we ‘d like to, as we need to. What i did is to break every rule they made, it made me who i am today.

I’ve taken every chance i get. They can’t hold me down, they never will be. It’s everything i ever wanted. Please make sure you don’t forget who you really are. Keep fighting for that moment. Speak about it because you’re doing it.

Yes my steps so light, i barely touch the ground. I do it for my family, friends and business. You want to know why? Take a good look, you will now witness.

Wake up, it’s brand new day! This is not a game! have an option to start all over again.

You can measure my growth by the season, limits don’t exist if you give them a reason. I built this dream and never had a doubt.

Don’t look around, don’t look at me and act like i didn’t tell you everything i’m about. I told you what i live for, so tell me what you live for.

Hamad Fouad
Entrepreneur, Be as you are. Use what you have and do what you can’t!
 IOS Developer • CTO at WNNA, INC
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