Building a team of 15 people, creating a brand and launching a studio. From working at home to an actual office and now an even bigger and better one, with 15 successful projects completed so far. All that in less than a year—that is how HOLOGRAPHIK® came to be.

HOLOGRAPHIK® is a creative studio specialized in design and motion.Our work mainly covers strategy, art direction, web and mobile solutions, 3d and motion design.

A year ago in the summer of 2020, I decided to leave a job in an agency. The times were uncertain, Covid has left its mark on various industries, affecting jobs, companies and the world in general. At that time I dedicated myself to freelancing and I started working on projects with some of the most reputable and successful companies, agencies and studios in the industry and the world.

As time went on, more opportunities and…

After a long time I am back with a new round of monthly typeface selection as well as their visual treatments. I want to showcase some typefaces I like and their treatments. I hope you will find something inspiring and explore some new typefaces.

1. MY by Gaslight Foundry

The process of improving the aesthetics and your own visual skills comes with its own development path and a learning curve, and is extremely important for every designer.

A common expectation from a designer is to always think about functionality because design without function is unusable. What’s equally as important is that we as designers also constantly think about improving our visual skills and aesthetics, as they are very important parts of design and visual communication.

The human eye is drawn to aesthetics, it recognizes when something is beautiful and it has more trust in beautiful. This balance of trust between the aesthetics and functionality should be on even grounds — a functional product needs to aesthetically pleasing, just as the aesthetically pleasing product needs to perform well…

As I really enjoy exploring and looking for new typography for my projects, I decided to create a year-long series with some of the best typefaces I discover monthly. Every month I’ll post a new article and it will feature a selection of high-quality typefaces, as well as their visual treatments. OK, let’s get started!

Collection — January 2019

1. Pilat Wide by General Type Studio

I am sharing with you a list of 8 independent type foundries with a great collection of typefaces you should definitely try on your next projects!

1.Grilli Type

Grilli Type, founded by Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain in late 2009, is an independent Swiss type foundry offering original retail and custom typefaces. They are offering seven amazing families which can be seen on their website.

Starting a new design project is a great opportunity to test some new typefaces. I am sharing with you 6 serif typefaces which are a totally good choice to replace any boring serif font like the Times. All of them have specifically strong shapes and their sharp aesthetic takes inspiration from the inscriptional forms of letter carved from stone. They are built with straight lines and triangular serifs. Static and stable characteristics of this typefaces are giving stability and boldness in both display and text sizes. …

Hrvoje Grubisic

Design Director at @Bornfight_ & Product Designer @Mediatoolkit

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