Announcing DevCraft 2016

This September 29th and 30th, software developers from all walks of life, technologies and biases will join together in Nairobi Kenya for what promises to be Kenya’s biggest software development event, DevCraft.

What is DevCraft?

DevCraft is a 2 day conference being curated by the iHub Consultancy team, with an audience of software engineers, data scientists, project managers, product managers, quality assurance experts and UI/UX experts in Nairobi, Kenya. Our goal is to bring together bright minds involved in the software development space to give talks and workshops whose aim are to raise the quality of the software craft in Kenya through providing access to a community that champions good software development practices. Silicon Savannah has been recognised for being rich with promising technology start-ups. What drives these start-ups? High quality software development skills. Beyond the startup culture though, there is a network of software development professionals, freelancing, working in banks, schools, consulting houses among other places

The Conference aims to become an annual event providing a venue for learning, networking, and tracking innovation for these professionals in the following themes: Software development project management, recruitment, cloud computing, UI/UX, web technologies, server side technologies, mobile, Quality assurance among other things.

Why DevCraft?

The importance of software delivery craftsmanship cannot be overstated. DevCraft aims to help anyone involved in the software development process, why it is important to care about how software is developed. We aim to build a community of practitioners passionate about the quality of the craft

DevCraft is designed with the technical depth of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers. We aim to provide the highest quality of content and the best attendee experience. What are you waiting for? Save the date! We will be announcing the high quality speakers and sessions we’re planning for you every week on the iHub and DevCraft blogs.

Want to learn more about the event? Find out more here for opportunities on sponsorship, speaking and attending.

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