This story was originally supposed to be an article of value provided by Mavericks Coffee — a local Coffee Roaster in Visalia, CA.

The Shops on this list all have one thing in common: They take a little bean and they run with it — Their own: Ambiance, Service, and Brew.

What originated as an article planned to bring unbiased value to the community turned into something more. It turned into one question: How do we take a bean and make it so much more?

👍🏻 = Good, 👍🏻👍🏻 = better, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 = best

There are certain variables to success: Talent, Speed, Creativity, Quality, Price, and of course Convenience.

Somewhere in there you need the right tools. You need a screwdriver, hammer, nails, and a drill. That may seem obvious if you build things on the regular, but what if you’re new? What about if you’re not new, but you didnt ever realize you may need a toolbox? How about a charger that can charge 6 batteries at once for all of your cordless tools?

The following pieces of software, services, and apps are going to help you. Whether you’re a 3 person creative…

I almost just posted a photo of this small dish and left it at that — it really it is that beautiful!

If you’re not familiar with Polenta, I think I’ll leave the description to Wikipedia: Polenta (Italian pronunciation: [poˈlɛnta]) is a dish of boiled cornmeal that was historically made from other grains. It may be served as a hot porridge, or it may be allowed to cool and solidify into a loaf that can be baked, fried, or grilled. The dish is associated with Northern and Central Italy.

Although this Polenta is not that Polenta. The basics are there…

Can I just come out and say it?

It kills happiness and the ability to make changes which create true progress.

The following things make up negativity in your day-to-day world:

  1. Ignoring problems
  2. Accepting ‘shit’
  3. Not making the best out of every situation
  4. Complaining — at all
  5. Plotting, scheming — without dreaming
  6. Not longing for love — or something whole
  7. Not doing shit that you want to do or you say you’ll do
  8. Talking shit on others about things their doing or not doing
  9. Not being available to change — stuck in your ways

Thats enough about negativity — and…

It’s no secret that these uploaded photos have filters on them. I this more out of habit and religion than I do because I think it makes people, things, and food look better. I mention this only because the same filter that I’ve used day in and day out for two years finally did me wrong. It made my chicken look burnt! Disclaimer: My chicken is not burnt!

Panko-crusted-deep-fried-chicken-perfection: a coumpound word I use a few times a day now. As Proceded to gobble this amazing special down I noticed two things:

Having a following sounds like a pretty cool idea right? What happens when someone wants a following but doesnt know how to attain it? Although having a following for the sake of having a following is a bit selfish, let’s take a moment to dissect and put some thought into the idea.

What’s unique about having a follower is here you have a person that has decided to ‘subscribe’ to what you’re ‘selling’. …

SO it’s an appetizer. I lied. The dish not only came out of the gate visually appealing, it had a very vibrant nose to it [I’m going to chalk it up to the flowers].

What’s the big difference here?

Picture this: You’re an 18 year old Senior in Highschool. Your parents are telling you to get a job. You have zero clue as to where you should begin your search. A teacher reccomends that you look for an ‘Entry Level Position’. That same teacher tells you that it should be an entry level position at job that has flexible hours and the lowest barrier of entry. So, you do what any logical person in your situation would do. You head over to a local restaurant. You apply for a job. You get an interview. Your Mom takes you to…

Do you find yourself wanting to be the boss? Maybe you catch yourself watching an episode of ‘Shark Tank’ and thinking “I could so do that — And I know they’d give ME the investment!”?

You’re not alone. 63% of people under the age of 45 aspire to own their own business. That number drops to under 20% for anyone over that age.

What about the rest of us? Well, some do get jobs and do you know what those aspiring entrepreneurs eventually do in the work force? You guessed it. Management!

Because management contains so many of the basic…

Photo courtesy of Getty Images 2017

I believe that this is just the situation you needed to get your self together and jump off the chopping block and land right into the winner’s circle.

Are you satisfied at work? Are you satisfied with your pay? Your position? Do you feel like you’re going nowhere in the company that took you in? Are you on the verge of quitting, or even worse — getting fired?

If you look around the internet you will almost always find a way up and out: tips, tricks, and so called “hacks” for you to make 100k+ a year [in 6 months…

Kendel Rodriguez

Operations at Bravo Farms. Founder of Q|R Media. Husband, Father, Brother, and Self-Proclaimed Workaholic.

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