Neural Network

MNIST Hand Digit Recognition using PyTorch

Content of the blog:

  1. Installation and import modules
  2. re-processing and loading the dataset
  3. Designing the model
  4. Training the model
  5. Visualizing the Output


First thing first. Regardless of the operating system just run below command which will install all the required modules to run the below code snippets. …

Inside AI

Hello readers, If you are looking for a perfect guide to get all the information about AlexNet, VGGNet, ResNet, Inception and DenseNet then you are at the correct place. Read the blog carefully and you will get the detailed information regarding all the architecture. Enjoy !!!



Inside AI

Revolution of Artificial Intelligence

Why ancient Artificial Intelligence is the base of Modern Artificial Intelligence?

People think that artificial intelligence is a new emerging technology that is just born a few years ago. But actual artificial intelligence has very strong roots in reality. In ancient times also, the researcher worked with techniques like Neural networks and machine intelligence. The basic difference between today’s technologies and…

Inside AI

Hello artificial intelligence enthusiast!!! If you think you would like to become a DATA SCIENTIST, then you’re at the perfect place to get all the skills that actual data scientists hold.

In layman’s terms, a rocket scientist is a person who has knowledge of (and amazing experience in) rocket science…

Machine Learning, Inside AI, Deep Learning

!!! Overcome from Headache of Overfitting & Underfitting

In life, there are two mistakes one can make. One is to try to kill Godzilla using a flyswatter. The other one is to try to kill a fly using a bazooka. What’s the problem with trying to kill Godzilla with a…

Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge

Yeah !!! I got selected in Secure and Private AI Scholarship. But here something for others. Read blog carefully for free access to this course.

Udacity and Facebook Collaboratively launch a program of learning for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Enthusiast using Facebook Open Source framework PyTorch.


Inside AI

Custom Object Detection source:

In this tutorial, we’re going to get our hands dirty and train our own dog (corgi) detector using a pre-trained SSD MobileNet V2 model.

Instead of training your own model from scratch, you can build on existing models and fine-tune them for your own purpose without requiring as much computing…

You can download full code from here

Lets get Started with Code Explanation…

from tweepy import OAuthHandler
from tweepy import API
import time
import json

This will require tweepy, json and time library to work on it. json and time are already installed with python. …

Video to Images and Images to Video

This post has 2 different part to generate frames from Video and from multiple images we can generate video in any format.

Video to Image (Frames) conversion

This will require to install CV2 library. If you have not installed it, just install using the following command.

>>> pip install opencv-python…

Khush Patel

Research Analyst (ML) | Master’s @ UWindsor | DL & CV Nanodegree Holder | Facebook AI Scholar | Inventor | Int’l Medal Winner@USA |

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