To the Teachers and business owners, What would you like to do with your iPad/Tablet?

I have been working with tablets, computers and iPads for several years. My client’s consists of teachers, principles, administrators and business owners. A common question I would ask during a consultation with my client’s was, “What would you like to do with your iPad/Tablet”. The most common answer was, “I don’t know.”

I write this blog post in hopes to help anyone who is interested in using iPads or other tablets as a solution for their classrooms or for running their business. Let’s start with some basics Q&A’s.

What is an iPad/Tablet?

An iPad/Tablet is a portable computer on one screen. Laptops were originally the definition of a portable computer since it had everything a desktop computer had like a monitor, keyboard/mouse and softwares which were all built into one device. iPads or tablets have all three of these hardware factors built into one device. They come in various sizes and which size you choose will make up the monitor for your device. When it comes to navigation such as keyboard and mouse, both of these hardware features can now be used on the devices touch screen. Finally their is the software which comes to the next question.

What can I do with an iPad/Tablet?

The magic of the computer age depends heavily on the software it can run. If your a school or business, then 3 of the most commonly needed software would probably be the following;

The Internet (For Browsing the web)

Microsoft Office (Includes Word, Powerpoint, and Excel)


Todays iPads and tablets have all three of these softwares available. The Internet and Email will usually already be installed in the iPad or other brand name tablets. All three of these softwares also have alternatives if the user chooses to install them.

Users could also explore other features from the iPad like taking pictures with the camera, listening to the radio, read books and an near infinite amount of other features. If your a veteran smart phone user, then many of the features and usability you get out of your smart phone can also be found on your iPad or tablet.

These are just some of the basic features you can expect from a tablet or iPad. I will be discussing some in-depth hardware uses for tablets like using monitors or USB drives on my next posting.

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